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Who can join ATRRM?

Any organization (whether for profit or not-for-profit) which is engaged in the business of operating a tourist railway or railway/trolley oriented museum, and which displays or operates rail equipment, artifacts or structures for the educational or recreational benefit of the public is eligible for full membership.

Any entity which is engaged in the business of providing goods or services to organizations eligible for full membership is eligible for commercial membership.

Both classifications of membership are voting members.


Is ATRRM membership just for North American tourist railroads and museums?

No. Any organization that qualifies as a full member or commercial member is welcome to join ATRRM.


How can an organization join ATRRM?

Join online by clicking on the Join button on the home page of this web site. Dues may be paid with a credit card.

Join by mail with dues paid by check by downloading a membership application here: Membership Application


After our organization joins ATRRM, when will we be required to renew our membership?

Memberships are valid for one full year from the join date. You will be sent a renewal notice one month before your membership expiration date.


Can an individual join ATRRM?

Only organizations can join ATRRM, but individuals are welcome to attend conferences and to subscribe to our magazine.


How can a Commercial member get greater exposure on the ATRRM web site?

Commercial members are invited to become Preferred Sponsors. This program offers greater exposure to members of ATRRM. For a Preferred Sponsor program description, click here.


Can members attend ATRRM Board of Directors meetings? When are they held?

Yes! All members are invited to attend Board meetings. They are held twice a year during or just preceding the association conferences. A notice of the meeting will be posted on the web site.